Discover the new world of Virtual Influencers, Avatars and Digital Fashion

It’s a new dawn: virtual influencers, avatars, digital fashion, AI, ChatGPT, natural speech, the Metaverse. A new, fascinating world is emerging before our eyes. Anyland aims to help people and businesses express themselves, create and break new ground in this expanded world.

We create offerings under the brands Malive, Kleyd and Anyland in the area of virtual influencers, digital fashion and metaverse.

We are open to collaborations, inquiries and happy to take on commissions in these areas and look forward to hearing from you:

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Successful Virtual Influencers: Personality, Storytelling and Design

Virtual influencers are not only a trend in the social media world, but also a promising marketing tool for companies. They offer many opportunities to successfully promote products and services and strengthen the brand.

In addition to personality, credibility and relevant content in storytelling, appearance and excellent execution in design play an essential role in creating a successful Virtual Influencer. It is important that the look is well thought out and matches the personality and content. By using 3D tools, realistic and engaging avatars can be created that give followers an authentic and believable experience.

Meet Malive: Hundreds of hours of development, a dedicated team and first collaborations

Several hundred hours of development went into the creation of our own influencer Malive. At the beginning there was the elaboration of the personality, followed by first scribbles and sketches up to the elaboration of the three-dimensional model for body, face and hair as a basis for the complex animations of posture, movement and facial expressions. Not to be underestimated is the part of the clothing, which is also created digitally and should always be new, stylish and fit the occasion of the posting.

Malive has her own team that lovingly takes care of her, she entered the world in November 2022. We cooperate closely with our sister company construktiv, which is a great partner for Anyland as a digital agency with 25 years of experience and 100 employees. Malive already had her first big appearance on the blue carpet, not the red carpet in this case, at the launch of Paramount+ in Germany, where she posed alongside celebrities like Younes (Tiktok 30 million followers), Anson Mount (the new captain of the USS Enterprise) and influencers like Klaudia Giez and Sophie Passmann.

Contact us for collaborations, own Virtual Influencer and more

If your company would like to collaborate with Malive, please contact us at Influencers who would like to collaborate and post together are also welcome to contact us at the same email, as are journalists or bloggers/vloggers/podcasters who would like to report.

If you would like to create your own avatar/virtual influencer/virtual brand ambassador, we are also happy to help you and will provide you with a non-binding offer after an initial briefing discussion! Just contact us at

Love, Malive & Anyland <3