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Malive is one of Germany’s first virtual influencers. Launched in November 2022 on Instagram. Many brands have already collaborated with Malive and set an example in their industry – including press coverage in the Lebensmittelzeitung, Ärzteverlag and Horizont.

Have you already immersed yourself in the delicious fruit gum world of Peace & Love?

Colorful, even more colorful, Katjes. To discover the delicious fruit gums, Malive traveled to the colorful and sweet world!

“The virtual influencer Malive has already appeared successfully in advertising campaigns”


The cuddly collab posting by Malive and Brit Care Cat had a tasty surprise in store for cat fans

Our virtual influencer @virtual.malive has won the hearts of cat lovers in collaboration with @brit_tiernahrung.

 As part of this cooperation, she was able to launch an exciting competition in which 5 lucky winners were able to enjoy interactive boxes from Brit Care Cat for their velvet paws!

Perfect Match with LaLaBerlin

The fashion-conscious influencer presented her highlights from the Berlin fashion label’s Spring/Summer 23 Collection in video animations and static posts on Instagram.

“She is versatile and flexible to use, attracts attention and reaches the young target group particularly well.”


Once upon a time – Malive in Wonderland…

In this Instagram collaboration with Tyrosur, Malive immersed herself in a virtual fairytale world. The collab post with competition generated over 7,000 likes. An additional Instagram reel with over 75,000 views showed the wound gel in use.

Malive x Paramount+

Whether it’s a launch event or a series premiere: When Paramount+ rolls out the blue carpet, Malive always likes to throw herself live into the hustle and bustle of influencers, stars and starlets.

Another important advantage: virtual influencers are much less at risk of scandals because their behavior can be controlled.

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