Glossary for Basic Technologies and Concepts

In this category, you will find the fundamental technologies and concepts that shape Anyland. Learn more about Augmented Reality, the diversity of the Metaverse, and the captivating world of Virtual Reality. Discover how sandbox environments, immersive experiences, and much more work. This category is the perfect entry point into the world of Anyland.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is like magic, transforming the world around you by inserting digital information and objects in real-time into the physical world. Think of the Pokémon GO craze, where suddenly Pikachu appeared on your desk. Imagine seeing digital accessories on your real outfit before purchasing them – that’s the power of AR!

Decentraland is like a digital utopia based on blockchain technology, giving users full control over their virtual lands and creations. It is a decentralized virtual world where users can acquire, develop, and trade land. In the digital fashion industry, Decentraland provides an innovative platform for showcasing fashion events, showrooms, and interactive experiences attended by a global and engaged community.

Digital Twin

Imagine having a digital twin to help you with all your decisions. A digital twin is precisely that – a virtual copy of a physical object, system, or process. It allows engineers and designers to monitor and optimize their creations without needing to be nearby. In the fashion industry, digital twins could help find the perfect fit for each garment or even assess the environmental impact of fabrics.

Immersive Experiences:

Immersive experiences are like little adventures in digital worlds that captivate our senses and fully immerse us in the action. They can be created using technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or Mixed Reality. In the digital fashion industry, immersive experiences offer the opportunity to take customers on unique shopping adventures or interactive fashion shows where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur.


The metaverse is the ultimate digital playground – a virtual world where people, places, and things are interconnected. Imagine living in a boundless world where you can visit any place, meet any person, and do anything you want – all in the digital realm. In the digital fashion industry, the metaverse offers a space for designers, brands, and users to create, trade, and showcase digital clothing and accessories.

Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed Reality is the big brother of AR and VR. It combines the best features of both technologies by integrating digital objects and information into the real world while simultaneously allowing immersive virtual experiences. With MR, fashion shows of the future could take place both in the physical and virtual worlds, and you could even wear digital jewelry visible in the real world!


Online communities are like virtual cities or villages where people from all over the world come together to exchange ideas, form friendships, and share common interests. In the digital fashion industry, online communities can help discover new trends and styles, share experiences, and even launch collaborative fashion projects.


The Sandbox ( is like a massive digital playground where creativity and imagination know no bounds. It’s a virtual world and platform for users to create and share their own games, artworks, assets, and experiences. In the digital fashion industry, the Sandbox provides the opportunity to design unique fashion experiences, events, and showrooms that can be visited and explored by the community.

Virtual World

A virtual world is like a digital parallel universe where people, objects, and places are interconnected. Virtual worlds offer limitless possibilities for creativity and social interaction. In the digital fashion industry, virtual worlds are the ideal place to showcase new outfits and accessories while stimulating users’ imaginations.

Virtuelle Welt

Eine virtuelle Welt ist wie ein digitales Paralleluniversum, in dem Menschen, Objekte und Orte miteinander vernetzt sind. Virtuelle Welten bieten grenzenlose Möglichkeiten für Kreativität und soziale Interaktion. In der digitalen Modebranche sind virtuelle Welten der ideale Ort, um neue Outfits und Accessoires zu präsentieren und gleichzeitig die Fantasie der Benutzer anzuregen.


Web3 is the next generation of the internet, based on decentralized technologies like blockchain. It’s referred to as the “semantic” or “intelligent” web and promises to make the internet more democratic and user-centered. In the digital fashion industry, Web3 could help enable transparent supply chains, secure ecommerce transactions, and unique digital assets like NFTs.

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