Glossary for Avatars and Virtual Influencers

In this category, it’s all about avatars and virtual influencers bringing the digital world to life. Learn more about the technologies and platforms that enable impressive characters and how they change the way we present ourselves and interact in digital environments.


An avatar is your digital identity in a virtual world – kind of like a virtual costume. You can appear as a superhero, animal, or even a hologram of your favorite star. In the world of digital fashion, avatars can express your style without having to spend a fortune in the real world.


AR filters are like digital masks or jewelry placed on our faces and bodies to change or enhance our appearance in real-time. They are commonly used in social media apps like Instagram or Snapchat, allowing users to try on virtual accessories or clothing. In digital fashion, AR filters can be a tool for brands to present their products in a fun and interactive way.

Game Engine

A game engine is like the heart and brain of a video game. It controls the physics, graphics, and artificial intelligence that make it possible to live and interact in a virtual world. In the digital fashion world, game engines can be used to create realistic environments and characters where your avatar can showcase fashionable outfits.


Greenscreen technology is like the magic wand of filmmakers, allowing them to insert actors and objects into any digital background. A person or object is recorded in front of a green (or sometimes blue) background, which is later replaced by another scene or environment. In digital fashion, greenscreen technology can be used to create impressive visual effects or transport models to exotic locations.

Motion Capture

Motion Capture is the technique of recording the movements of humans or animals in real-time and transferring them to digital characters. It’s like performing a dance while creating a horde of small digital shadows that mimic every step and gesture accurately. In the digital fashion industry, motion capture can be used to create realistic animations of models or avatars showcasing clothing and accessories.


Rigging is like the skeleton of a digital character – it enables movement and animation by defining the structure and joints of a 3D model. In digital fashion, rigging is crucial to ensure that clothing and accessories fit realistically on an avatar’s body and move with it. Without rigging, our digital characters would look like stiff dolls!

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are the digital marketplaces where we share our opinions, experiences, and, of course, our fashionable outfits. From Instagram to TikTok, these platforms allow us to share our digital fashion creations with the world and discover new trends and styles. They are also the perfect place to showcase virtual influencers and digital fashion shows.

Virtual Influencers

Virtual influencers are digital personalities who have gained fame on social media and often serve as fashion icons. They’re like the animated supermodels of our time, setting trends and representing brands. A well-known example is Lil Miquela, a CGI influencer with over 3 million followers on Instagram.

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