Glossary for Digital Fashion

The “Digital Fashion” category takes you into the world of digital fashion, Fashion Tech, and sustainable innovations. Discover how digital clothing, wearable technology, and NFTs are revolutionizing the fashion industry and how e-commerce and virtual fashion shows change the way we experience and consume fashion.

Digital Fashion

Digital fashion is like haute couture in the virtual world – fantastic outfits and accessories that only exist in digital environments. Imagine appearing in an exquisite designer outfit that was never produced, guilt-free – that’s digital fashion! In the future, your social media avatar could keep up with the latest trends without ever opening your wardrobe.

DressX is like the digital wardrobe of the future, where you can borrow or buy a limitless selection of outfits and accessories. It is an online platform for digital fashion that allows users to discover and try on virtual garments and accessories from various designers and brands. With DressX, you can expand your digital wardrobe and outfit your personal avatars or social media profiles with stylish and eco-friendly outfits.

Fashion Tech

Fashion tech combines the beauty of fashion with the power of technology. From smart textiles that adapt to body temperature to interactive accessories that respond to touch – fashion tech is the future of the fashion industry. Did you know that there is even clothing that can change colors and patterns based on your mood or environment? That’s fashion tech in action!


Haptics is the science of touch. In the digital world, haptic technologies enable physical interaction with virtual objects. Imagine being able to feel the texture of a digital fabric or the warmth of a virtual sunbeam on your skin – that’s haptics! Haptic technologies may one day allow you to “feel” the quality of your digital clothing before you buy it.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is like the fusion of fashion and high-tech gadgets. It consists of smart garments and accessories that integrate technology to enable functions such as fitness tracking, communication, or even environmental monitoring. In the digital fashion industry, wearable technology could be used to blur the lines between physical and digital fashion and create innovative, interactive outfits.


Sustainability is the environmental protection fashion trend that never goes out of style. It involves using eco-friendly materials and practices and reducing waste and pollution in the fashion industry. Digital fashion is a prime example of sustainability, as it doesn’t consume physical resources and produces no waste.

NFT (Non-fungible Token)

NFTs are like digital collectible cards or artworks uniquely certified by blockchain technology. They allow digital objects, such as exclusive virtual fashion, to be verified as unique and valuable. Imagine owning the only pair of digital sneakers designed by your favorite designer – that’s the magic of NFTs!

Virtual Fashion Show

A virtual fashion show is like an exclusive fashion event that takes place in the digital world. Instead of walking the runway in the physical world, avatars and virtual influencers present the latest designs and trends in stunning 3D environments. These fashion shows can be live-streamed or recorded and shared later on social media platforms. They provide a unique experience that’s both eco-friendly and pandemic-proof.


E-commerce is the process of buying and selling goods and services over the internet. It’s like a modern bazaar, only without the bustling crowds and the smell of fresh bread. In the digital fashion world, e-commerce enables the purchase of virtual outfits and accessories that can be instantly customized to your avatar.


A runway, or catwalk, is like the stage of the fashion world where models showcase the latest creations from designers and brands. In the digital fashion industry, runways can exist in virtual environments where avatars and virtual influencers take on the role of models and display garments and accessories in stunning 3D scenarios. The digital runway allows for innovative and eco-friendly presentations that go beyond traditional fashion shows.

Virtual Fitting Room

A virtual fitting room is like a magical dressing room where you can try on clothing and accessories on your digital avatar before purchasing. Imagine being able to try on every outfit in every style and size without ever leaving your home – that’s the virtual fitting room!

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